Wednesday, May 2, 2012

These are the pics from my second trip to Chicago - the conference trip. Only 4 of us for this trip as the big girls got lots of homework to do.

Spring- Lots of Tulips in Chicago!
At the Marriot Hotel Chicago.                      
 Walking along the Magnificent Mile, Downtown Chicago.

 New statue of Marylyn Monroe at the Chicago Tribune

Everybody likes to take picture under her skirt, including my husband!

At the Riverside. Due to time constraint, we did not take the boatride / water taxi.

I'm on the billboard

A must see attraction, the Millennium Park.

You can see the buildings reflected on the bean.

 Behind us is the Chicago Skyline.
 Met with adiks from Malaysia, doing biological science in University in New Jersey.
All of us from Carbondale...
Went to Navy Pier, Chicago
On the ferris Wheel

View fro the Ferris Wheel

Kereta Odyssey, Boat pun nak Odyssey jugak..he.he 

 Near the FunHouse

Tired out..walking alooong the Navy Pier.

 Di rumah MSD officer in Chicago.

Kids get bored when mum goes shopping

Friday, July 23, 2010

More picts from 4th of July

4th of July parade

Though it is abit late, but this are some of the picts from the 4th of july parade that we went in St louis. It so very much less formal than our own national day parade and the paraders interect with the spectators and throws sweets , goodies & evrything else at us. With Elvis singing on the street and harry porter and Dumbledore throwing sweets& Captain Jack Sparrow & his crew firing their cannons, it was fun.